SkeeterVac SV35 Midge Trap


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The SkeeterVac is a new weapon against the biting midge.

The space-age machine combines 6 different cues to attract midges and other biting insects, including mosquitoes, effectively mimicking a large smelly cow:
  • Breath - CO2, moisture and heat
  • Heat - body temperature
  • Body odour (octenol lure)
  • Movement - blinking LED lights
  • Visual - patterned white & black sticky paper
  • Light - 360 degrees attraction using UV LED's
Once attracted, midges are drawn inside the trap, where they are collected in a tray. Powered by a propane cylinder, the free-standing machine is perfect for gardens, outdoor events, golf greens and other sporting events.

The traps are shipped without consumables, so remember to get your season’s pack of octenol and sticky papers!